Horror Clown

Clown - Evil Mask

 Orange Hair / Blue Stripes 

Joker Clown Mask

 Adult - Latex 

Clown 3/4 Mask

 with Hair 

Clown Evil - Glow in the Dark

 Half Face Mask 

Clown - Giggles Mask

 Latex - Red Hair 

Reduced To Clear
Scary Clown Mask

 Latex - Purple Hair 

Scary Clown Mask

 3/4 Vinyl 

Reduced To Clear
Clown Mask Twisted


Clown Tri Point Horror Mask



Either loved or hated, clown masks are a must in any party mask range. This collection includes many different scary clown masks for you to browse. You thought clowns where funny and friendly? Guess again! Choose from a wide range of clown masks that go from a sad joker face to the most creepy scary one you’ve ever seen. Lots of red hair, purple and green going on here. There’s even one clown mask that glows in the dark! We hope you find the perfect clown mask for your fancy dress.