Horror Wolf/Werewolf

Werewolf Mask


Werewolf Mask Growling

 Grey Hair 

Reduced To Clear
Traditional Werewolf Mask


Scary Wolf Mask

 With Chest 

Reduced To Clear
Hooded Wolf Mask


Wolf Mask


Werewolf Half Face Mask


Reduced To Clear
Red Wolf Mask


Werewolf Farkasz

 Latex Head & Chestpiece 


A wide range of wolf masks are available here for you to choose from. And we are warning you: you won’t find a happy face here. All these werewolf masks are angry and growling. Ideal for Halloween or any dress up party. The wolfman is definitely one of the most fearsome creatures. With these wolf masks you can top off your wolf costume in just seconds. Who can forget Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video? Or the horrible wolf from Red Riding Hood?