Colours Multicolour

Reduced To Clear
Paper Card Masks

 Pack of 6 asstd 

Butterfly Mask - Shiny

 White / Multicolour 

Reduced To Clear
Cocktail Mask

 Red/Gold Streaks 

Butterfly Mask - Shiny


Reduced To Clear
Flyaway Holographic Mask


Butterfly Mask - Shiny

 Red / Multicolour 

Sorrento Feather Mask

 Multi Colour / Black 

Reduced To Clear
Glitter Cocktail Mask

 Red / Black / Gold Streaks 

Jesolo Masquerade Mask


Cortina Multicolour Mask

 Gold - Multicolour 

Triple Peaks Harlequin Mask

 Multicolour - On Elastic 


Under this section you will find all our multicoloured masks. Ideal for when you need some inspiration, or you just don’t know what style of party mask you want but you do know you want all the colours of the rainbow in one go. Colour lovers love our multicolour masks section.