Feathered On Stick

Versailles Mask

 Pink/Gold On Stick 

Versailles Mask

 Red/Gold On Stick 

Baroque Long Feathers Mask

 Light Red / Gold - On Stick 

Baroque Long Feathers Mask

 Light Blue / Gold - On Stick 

Red Feathered Mask

 On Stick 

Baroque Fantasy Glitter Mask

 Silver - On Stick 

Sequins & Feathers Mask

 Silver / Black - On Stick 


Feathered masks on stick are absolutely stunning and will definitely help you stand out in the crowd. Sequins, Glitter and trims are just simply irresistible. Feathered eyemasks on sticks make great Can Can, Charleston, Cabaret costumes. Period costumes like Marie Antoinette can be topped off with a lovely mask imitating the royal masked ball nights attires. You’ll see that we have different styles are available: Tivoli, Versailles, Baroque, One Eye, High Point, Paris and many more and of course, in a variety of colours.