Deluxe Venetian

Our venetian masquerade masks are beautifully handcrafted in traditional style by venetian artisans. Every masquerade is uniquely handmade and exquisitely detailed. The true quality of these venetian masks lies on the fact that they have been made by hand with the highest of standards. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with these paper-mache masks.

Events like the Venice Carnivale, Mardi Gras, general masked balls and carnivals have one thing in common: masquerade masks! The fact that our identity is concealed adds an extra spicy element and creates an unique atmosphere where everything is possible. They are ideal to top off any formal/party attire and we are sure you’ll want to wear your mask more than once! Our range includes eye masks, full faced and the super popular long nose styles.

One of the most popular full face design is the Rossini Mask, while we find it hard to choose only one when it comes to half face ones such as the Alberoni Mask or the lovely Adamello Mask. If you were after a medico della peste look, we recommend any of our long nose masks such as the impressive Caravaggio Mask.