Deluxe Venetian Half Face

Trevi Black Masquerade Mask

 Black - Glitter 

Roma Half Face Masquerade Mask

 Red - White - Music Notes 

Roma Colombina Mask

 Aqua - White - Music Notes 

La Fenice Masquerade Mask


Aida Gold Colombina Mask

 Black - Gold  


These half face venetian eye masks go great with everything. The difference between these ones and our other venetian masks range is the fact that these ones are handmade paper mache masks. As you can see, their detail and beauty are something else. There’s lots of silver, golden and multicolour glitter, feathers and ornaments to drive you crazy!

All our eye-masks have a lace that allows you to tie them on for a perfect and comfortable fit. All masks come in one size and are suitable for adults. These handmade venetian masks are so exquisite they are great as a gift or to decorate your walls. Nobody will be able to resist their charm! Great to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, or as a nice token in a relaxing spot of the house.

Our exclusive handcrafted venetian eye-masks range can be worn to many events: gala nights, masquerade balls, weddings, hen nights, themed birthdays, summer festivals and more. Imagination is the limit!

There are so many different designs, it’s hard to choose just a few, but we’ll highlight for you our favourites. A top seller is the Alberoni Mask with its beautiful cream and gold details, the Roma Mask, comes in different colours and has nice music sheet pattern on one side, and last but not least, the gorgeous red and gold Messina Mask